On the same day as the kids belt ceremony,we also had the Adults Promotion.  Master Pablo Popovitch came to our School to  join Master Rocha promoting the students including the first student  to receive a Black Belt at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, Billy Tran,  which for those who don’t know, he started BJJ with our Master Popovitch. It was a great ceremony, we also had another black belt in the house, David Gil. All the students getting promoted had the opportunity to roll with the Black Belt Masters, including Master Rocha.

Here are students that got promoted:  

Arturo Lorenzo, Agustin Ameigeiras, Floyd Rodgers, Gustavo Vera, Jason Rodriguez, Jose Aponte, Kunie Lorenzo, Matt Padiyara, Nicolas Fosenca, Davyana Lawnson, Fafa Rocha, Dimitrius Estevez, Kevin Banks, Charlie Bennett, Adrian Benavides and  Billy Tran.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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