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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Only Girls Training

On Saturday, September 15th at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, we had the pleasure to have two super talented females Black Belts at our school: Sofia Amarante and Thaysa Kamiji! They ran an amazing 2 hours class full of drills, positions and live sparring! It was a great chance for all the Avengers girls to get united to train and advance their techniques.

We saw this article and think the author explains one among several reasons why women and girls should train in jiu-jitsu!

"It can be a dangerous world for girls

Statistics show that 1 in 5 girls have been sexually assaulted by someone they know by the time they reach high school. Far from the media-perpetuated myth of armed strangers attacking helpless girls, the most common sexual assault is perpetrated by someone the girl knows. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based upon the concept that a “smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger assailant using leverage and proper technique.” In a date-rape scenario, often girls are pushed to the ground, and the attacker will then be positioned between the girl’s legs. This is why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, more than any other martial art, is the most effective against a sexual assault: fighting “from the guard” is a practiced skill. If the victim can secure her legs around her attacker’s waist, she can then use a variety of techniques to use his own weight and balance against him, thereby gaining control and enabling her escape."



  1. Daniel Sesseven on May 16, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Hello, I would like to congratulate everyone involved in this project of self-defense for women. In my opinion this issue should be treated more seriously by our authorities and our leaders. It is very important for our women and know how to use basic self defense against his aggressors, both on domestic violence which in my opinion is the most serious of all, as in our cities. Thank you Daniel Sesseven