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High School Wrestling Classes

Coming Soon at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts: High School Wrestling Classes

Wrestling is one of the purest form of athletic competition to exist in the realm of organized sports. There are no bats or balls, or pucks or sticks. No pads or helmets or jerseys.  There’s only you, and your opponent of equal weight and size. Wrestling involves a unique balance of practically every aspect of physical and psychological conditioning. Strength is as important as stamina. Speed as technique, strategy as intensity, and power as is coordination. Of all the sports choices a parent and child can make, wrestling is perhaps the best sport for overall physical development because it involves all muscle groups, and requires the greatest balance of athletic skill. In other words, wrestling does more to improve basic things such as strength, balance, speed, agility and intensity, and is not as specialized as most other common sports. Although it is wise for parents and coaches to de-emphasize winning, victories can be extremely gratifying because of the strong sense of personal accomplishment. The effort put forth in practice and preparation is apparent in competition, and not lost in a team effort. This aspect of wrestling can be a great motivator and teacher, and can develop a person’s work ethic, self-confidence, and ability to achieve in all areas of life. Wrestling is great for exposing the “champion” within most any kid, but especially with those that love to compete. Scholarships are becoming more and more common for collegiate athletes looking to wrestle.  As with any other sport, wrestling can continue on after high school and can lead to a possible scholarship and college education.

As a high school head coach, sending my student athletes to college is my ultimate goal. I have been very successful as a wrestling competitor and coach, and I believe the ability for any child to excel in this sport is within every individual.  The difference is the athletes who continue to practice and learn throughout the entire off season.

Brandon Neifeld- Wrestling Head Coach

This program will be open to all, if you wrestle at a school near our facility and you want to get some extra practice time during the off seasons, please contact us for a free trial to our program.

Schools near us include: Cooper City High School, Miramar High School, Flanagan High School, Hollywood Hills High School, Cypress Bay High School, Everglades High School, Western High School, Plantation High School, South Broward High School, McArthur High School, American High School, Goleman High School, Hialeah Gardens High School, West Broward High School. Mater Lakes Academy, Somerset Academy, Chaminade Madonna, Archbishop McCarthy.