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“Excellent demeanor, patience and teaching levels from all the instructors”


“Brought my son in to try a free month, needless to say it wasn’t necessary. I signed up immediately. 2 year ago. To date my 7 year old son is now ranked first in the state of Florida , 1st in the region and in the top ten at a national level ranked amongst 13 year olds. Excellent demeanor, patience and teaching levels  from all the instructors. The Head instructor and owner of the school “Vagner Rocha” teaches the classes personally. He recognizes the children’s strengths and weaknesses and pairs up the kids to ensure that each child excels in their own training. Not many schools offer a UFC Fighter a couple of feet away from your child and giving them directions personally. Yes South Florida has many good schools but few schools have the concentration of skilled  tested (via Tournaments) “fighters” . You want to be the best , Train with the Best.” Lazaro Picallo *


“My son is also learning about hard work, commitment, dedication and being a part of a team”

plantation martial arts“I live in Plantation and drive to Pembroke Pines three to four nights a week for my 13 year old son to train with Vagner at VRMA. There are a lot of places where he could train that much closer to our home, but I have found that Vagner and all the guys there push him to do his best and do it with respect.  He is not only learning BJJ from one of the best practitioners in the state (and he’s learning well I will say – he has the medals and swords to prove it!) he is also learning about hard work, commitment, dedication and being a part of a team.  The all around confidence my son has gained in the past year is well worth the drive and I would highly recommend Vagner and VRMA to anyone!” Patty Fonseca *


adults martial arts pembroke pines “You are treated like family”

“From the minute I walked into the school on the night I tried it for the first time I fell in love. This school is the best around. No egos here. Everyone is there to train and train hard. You walk in to a smile, a hello, a hug, or a hand shake. You are treated like family. Vagner and his crew are some of the best in the business – I promise you will walk out of there satisfied, with a smile on your face, itching to go back for more because you automatically become addicted, as I did.” Krista Latessa *

 “VRMA is a family oriented Jiu Jitsu school”

“About a year ago, my  9 yr old son started training at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts (VRMA).  I couldn’t not be happier! My sons’s technique has improved tremendously thanks to the dedication of these top class act instructors.  It is obvious all of them love the sport of Jiu Jitsu and want to make sure all their students succeed and take their training to the next level. During any class, you could walk in and see all 5 instructors on the mat watching, teaching the kids perfect all the different moves. This makes a HUGE difference as the kids get more of a one on one training. Head Instructor Vagner Rocha who recently won “Best Pro MMA Fighter in Florida” personally teach the classes.  Plus VRMA is a family oriented Jiu Jitsu school.  His wife and kids also train with him. Step your game up!!  Give VRMA a try, you won’t be disappointed.”  Giovanna Lobo *

Alex Gonzalez “Quickly got in shape”

Alex has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now for 5 years, he started his training for same reasons a lot of people do: to lose weight! He soon realized that in this martial arts it was much more than just loosing weight. He came from a Boxing background but from a busy lifestyle, he became overweight. After his 2 first months training Jiu Jitsu he lost 50 pounds. He improved his stamina, cardio, eating habits, etc. Alex is a purple belt under Vagner Rocha and he is much active in his training today. Alex Gonzalez Jr., his son also does Bjj, he is a much more confident kid due to his training at VRMA. Father and son, both competing in local tournaments, both winning and becoming champions! *



“Vagner & his instructors treats my children as if they were their own”

 kids martial arts miramar“If you’re looking for a place to get in shape, become healthier, learn a great form of self defense, push yourself, and make life time friends then  you need to be training at VRMA. I found them by shear coincidence after being ready to give up on finding a place to train. I have only been training for a year, and it has changed my life. When I first started I was 257, out of shape and over weight. I was going to doctors for just about everything from my knees to my back, to hips and ankles. Vagner and his staff of instructors provided me the tools, encouragement and commitment for me to get back into shape, becoming stronger than I was while serving as a U.S. Marine. My son’s who both have developmental delays and issues of confidence and aggression also train at VRMA and it became something that was gonna be bonding time for me and my boys to something that increased their focus, confidence and work ethic by leaps and bounds. The difference between my boys before training with Vagner and his staff is night and day. I am very over protective of my children, but Vagner and his instructors treats my children as if they were thier own I can go on about life knowing thay they are being trained by one of the best in BJJ today. The instructors and students at VRMA are barnone the best I have come across in a very long time. They have become more than just Instructors and training partners but treat us like family. As my son tells his friends, if you are not training at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, you are not training.” Floyd Rodgers *

Claude Patrick “High level instructions”

“Hey guys I have been training with Vagner Rocha since 2010 and I can honestly say as a coach,competitor and person Vagner has got the Gift…, if you are looking to get into training or like me, you want to  take your skill to an even higher level then you have to visit Master Rocha and the crew at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts gym, you have my personal guarantee it’s a choice you’ll be glad you made” *

Claude Patrick – UFC Fighter


Miguel Ameigeirias “Helped my son recover from a tumor”

Testimonial from Miguel Ameigeirias, father of three boys training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts. Miguel talks about how this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has impacted their lives. He explains how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu not only pumped up his boys’ confidence and increased their physical fitness, but also helped his younger son recover from a serious illness. *


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Tracey Tobon “Best School and professional Instructors”

Tracey Tobon, mother of twin boys training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, talks about how glad she is to finally have found the right Martial Arts School for her sons. She explains how our gym brought back passion for this sport into their boys lives. She compliments the way that our instructors teach and run classes and the difference between our school and other martial arts schools in the area. For more information please click here to contact us: Pembroke Pines Martial Arts *

Eric & Evan

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