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Ranked #1 Kid Grappler in Florida

Ranked #1 Kid Grappler in Florida: Bryan Picallo

Ranked #1 Kid Grappler in Florida: Bryan Picallo

Bryan Picallo showing all his medals and trophies.

The National Grappling Rating Service 2013 Season ranked Bryan Picallo as the #1 Gi and No Gi Male Grappler under 13 in Florida. He is ranked #16 in the Nation, and ranked #2 in the Southern states.

Bryan Picallo, 6 years old boy, trains at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts almost a year now. He has been showing his talent and competition skills not only inside the gym but outside, competing all over the USA. Bryan trains at VRMA 3 – 5 days a week. His favorite position is the arm-bar. His parents are as dedicated as Bryan, always supporting him at practice and at competitions.

Vagner Rocha and Bryan Picallo

Our 2nd degree Black Belt Vagner Rocha dedicates his life teaching kids and adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our competition training has helped many of our students to reach their goals. Bryan is a great example of that. We, the VRMA Family, pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our teaching style. Congratulations to our amazing young student Bryan Picallo, for showing that dedication and hard work on and off the mats pays off, he is now #1 Grappler Male Kid in Florida!

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Here is a short clip of Bryan Picallo, finishing a submission in a Newbreed Tournament.

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