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Strength & Conditioning Class – Vagner Rocha Martial Arts

Here’s just a taste of the Strength & Conditioning class at the Vagner Rocha Martial Arts

Perhaps you’ve never heard about Kettlebell, but Kettlebell training is a super effective training tool for building strength, endurance, flexibility, and core strength.

Kettlebells are essentially iron balls with handles, and they have been used in Russia to train athletes, military personnel, police, and martial arts students for many years.

So, why Kettlebells? Simply because they work and get fast results. The biggest key to the incredible success people have with Kettlebells the types ballistic exercises done with them. Whereas traditional weight lifting focuses on isolating your muscles to work them individually, kettlebell training works your muscles in groups, much like swimming.

Rather than isolating the muscles, kettlebell exercises are successful because they recruit multiple muscle groups to work together in order to complete the rep.

What this means for you is that they can work your entire body in a shorter amount of time than through traditional cardio and weight lifting. You get a complete dynamic workout using Kettlebells and you’ll see improvements within just a few weeks.

The bottom line is that you’ll see results often in a fraction of the time it would take other types of workout. While Kettlebells are a lot of work, they are well worth the time and effort, because they provide a great whole body power workout.