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Kids Continue Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into Adulthood

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the safest and most relevant training anyone can receive.  People all ages are welcomed and are encouraged to come train at our school regardless of  their current strengths and abilities.  We pride ourselves in building Self-Confidence, Physical Fitness and Self-Discipline in a rewarding and caring environment. That’s why we strongly recommend starting as early as possible. A teen who has began training as young as 6-10 will now be extremely proficient in this art. This is why most of our kids continue training into adulthood.

Here is a picture of a group of our students on the year of 2008 (bottom side of the picture)  when they only had a year of training at the VRMA, most were 11 years old. Today (up side of picture), they are 16 years old teenagers that continues to train at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts.  Head instructor Vagner Rocha couldn’t be  prouder of them. He has been able to watch them grow and witness their improvements in all aspects.

They now can face down the most intimidating bullies, their parents noticed a huge boost to their self-confidence,  they are becoming immune to peer pressure, they are more athletic than any average teenage, with unbelievable strength and unstoppable endurance. Not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are keeping they : lean, healthy and fit but their techniques are very advance for their age. Most importantly, they are learning important leadership skills that last a lifetime.

At Vagner Rocha Martial Arts we believe that our children’s program are our most important programs. We feel it is our responsibility to help them form the right impressions regarding fitness, self-respect and respect for others. All parents want their children to grow up as model citizens and good-willed people. Here at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, we do our best to help them along this path.