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Women Self-Defense Classes – Pembroke Pines – South FL


Nothing would be more terrifying for a woman than being attacked and not knowing her options for survival. At Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, our mission is not only to instruct women of all ages to be aware of dangerous situations, but also provide our students with practical self-defense techniques proven effective in real world-situations.

These classes are taught in a comfortable and relaxed environment, that is conductive to learning instructional techniques, proven tactics and unique insights about the problem of violence against women. Our program also includes physical defense workouts for techniques development, and exercises that is designed to simulate confrontational circumstances. From awareness and risk reduction to physical skill development, these classes covers all the basics.

Vagner Rocha Martial Arts provides the best women self-defense training for your personal safety. All you have to do is come and try our classes. We offer women self-defense classes everyday of the week, mornings and evenings. Call us now to schedule a Free Trial Class (954) 432-8788 or contact us by clicking here.