Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Martial Arts Classes Brazilian Jiu JitsuBrazilian Jiu Jitsu emphasizes taking an opponent down to the ground in order to utilize specialized ground fighting techniques and submission holds comprised of joint locks and chokes. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the most effective martial art and form of self-defense self because an experienced grappler can offset the advantages of a larger, stronger opponent using technique, positioning, and mechanical strength. Physical assets such as possessing a superior reach and having powerful strikes are completely negated when grappling on the ground.    

The Vagner Rocha Martial Arts (VRMA) Schoompetitor, few in the world can compare to our head instructor’s list of accomplishments. Rocha has successfully competed in the sport’s most prestigious events, and possesses a unique blend of world-class technique and experience that set him apart from other Jiu Jitsu instructors and competitors. 

As a result of Master Rocha’s curriculum, VRMA students have shown vast improvements in short periods of time, evidenced by placing and winning in numerous tournaments throughout the state of Florida. Additionally, several of VRMA’s l offers the highest quality of instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu available. Our program is led by head instructor Vagner Rocha, who is an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and professional mixed martial artist. As a cotop students are nationally recognized and compete in large tournaments throughout the United States. As a VRMA member, every student receives the individual attention needed to constantly improve towards their goals and move on to the next phase of training. Unlike most other academies, Master Rocha attends EVERY class and is hands on in correcting mistakes and monitoring all students. In terms of progressing through the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ranks, belt ceremonies are held twice a year to reward students for their growth within our program.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & ConditioningOur Strength & Conditioning program centers around circuit training with the use of Kettlebells and others exercise equipment. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Kettlebells, but Kettlebell training is an ultra-effective tool for building strength, endurance, flexibility, and core strength. Our Strength & Conditioning classes provide a great total-body power workout.

Strength and conditioning is not just for athletes, as our circuit training classes are designed to deliver all of our students with a well-rounded exercise program and a welcome change to general exercise routines.  Beyond a great workout, these classes will improve your athletic performance in any sport, and are specially designed to complement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu movements. Students who attend these classes in addition to their Jiu Jitsu training have seen large improvements in their performance and ability.

Kickboxing Conditioning

Kickboxing ConditioningKickboxing Conditioning classes at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts are available to both men and women ages 14 and up. Our conditioning classes are designed to be extremely informative, hands on, fun, and upbeat, all while providing a great total body workout. Prospective students should not be intimidated by their current fitness level, as classes are designed to allow each individual to train and excel at their own pace. Kickboxing offers a combination of boxing techniques and kicking moves, which combines elements of boxing and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning, while building your balance and coordination. Unlike other types of boxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors – it’s a cardiovascular workout that’s done because of its many benefits to the body.

Our Kickboxing Conditioning classes are usually comprised of a 10 to 15 minute warm-up, which may include stretching and traditional exercises. The warm-up is followed by 40-minutes of shadow boxing without a partner, combination of boxing techniques and kicking moves on the bags. You will learn many combinations of jabs, uppercuts, and other punches and kicks, all demonstrated by the instructor. After technique, at least the final 5 minutes of the class is devoted to cooling down, stretching, and muscle conditioning.

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