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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes for Adults

We offer the Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program in South Florida.

Defined as a martial art form that teaches a smaller, weaker opponent to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent by use of technique, leverage, and joint manipulation such as chokes, arm-locks, etc. Made famous in the U.S. by Royce Gracie with his early dominance in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Martial artists and regular people alike started to seek out the few Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academies that existed at the time and learn these valuable skills for self-defense. Now Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world. Whether it’s for wellness, fitness, self-defense, confidence or competition, we offer the best programs to suit your needs.

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not like going to the gym, a student must have quality instruction, a respectful environment and a dedicated group of students. A quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, like Vagner Rocha Martial Arts,  is all about the environment and culture, all of which starts with our head instructor, Vagner Rocha, who are always present to teach the students, mentor them and provide the support to make a great environment.

We offer daily unlimited classes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for all levels.

Beginners - You will learn the most important principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Drilling and repetition of dominant position and submissions. Supervised light sparring.

Basics - You will have a more profound understanding of the most import positions and submission as well. You will be introduced to many others submissions to excel your game. Live sparring.

Advanced - You will learn all of the latest techniques such as intense drills, escapes, submissions, swipes, competitions strategies, and more. Competition based sparring.

Whether a complete beginner, or an expert, these classes promise to deliver a full suite of benefits to level your self-defense game up and improve your overall wellness and fitness conditioning.

Other Classes

We offer Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Group Workout classes to implement your self-defense experience. All of these classes are complimentary once you become a Vagner Rocha Martial Arts member.

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  • They have upped my kids fighting game so much its amazing.

    VRMA is an amazing gym. We have the best experience there , and everyone is amazing from the coaches to the parents/student they always treat everyone with love and respect. They have upped my kids fighting game so much its amazing. I would totally recommend.

    yaz842001 M

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  • I'm so happy to be a part of the VRMA family

    My 10 year old boys have been training in jiu jitsu since they were 6. When our original school closed down two years ago, we struggled to find another school that we liked, trying several that just weren’t the right fit for us. My kids were beginning to lose interest in jiu jitsu, but luckily a friend recommended that we come and try a class at VRMA. The boys tried a class there, and haven’t looked back since — we’ve found our new jiu jitsu academy!! The quality of the instruction that they receive with Vagner is top-notch, all of the instructors are wonderful with the kids and it is very hands-on learning — they get lots of mat time and work up a great sweat every class! My boys’ passion for the sport has reignited since we started at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts, and their skills have grown so much under Vagner’s tutelage. I’m so happy to be a part of the VRMA family and I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking for serious jiu jitsu instruction from highly skilled professionals in the sport! VRMA rocks!

    Evan T

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  • Go forth and train with him.

    Vagner is a hero to the jiujitsu community. He is what happens when keeping it real goes right. Go forth and train with him.

    Albert Hughes

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