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Boxing and kickboxing classes at Vagner Rocha Martial Arts are available for both men and women (ages 14 and up). These are designed to be extremely informative, hands on, fun, and upbeat, all while providing a great total body workout. Prospective students should not be intimidated by their current fitness level, as classes are designed to allow each individual to train and excel at their own pace. You will learn many techniques and combinations of jabs, uppercuts, other punches and kicks, all demonstrated by the instructor.

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  • Instantly he made me feel like part of the family

    I met Vagner and started training with him in 2008 or 2009. Instantly he made me feel like part of the family. He helped me get in better shape and learn the principles of his Art. After moving to another area of the country and training with other schools, I can tell you personally there is no better school. Vagner is the best

    Martin Taylor

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  • The respect and relationships they’ve gained are priceless

    I can’t speak any more highly of Vagner and his team. My niece and nephew have been training there for many years and since day 1 we’ve all be welcome and treated like family. Aside from the fitness aspect and learning an awesome sport, most importantly they are taught to be a great competitor and are instilled with awesome values! The respect and relationships they’ve gained are priceless, I’d highly recommend stopping by to check them out!

    Brian B

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  • 100% definitely recommend it here

    All the coaches are amazing!!!! My girls loved the summer classes and can’t to go back during the week. I would 100% definitely recommend it here!!! Thx again coach Vagner, Ariel, Jasmine and the other coaches.

    Mrs. Victoria

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