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Professional BJJ and MMA Training – South Florida

Train hard – fight easy!

Alan, Vagner ,Ruben ,Cyborg, Ricardo, Deninho, Fred, Jake, Carlos,Rodriguinho

That’s how the VRMA (head coach Vagner Rocha) and Fight Sports (head coach Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu) have been training every week at the Professional BJJ and MMA Training Center, or as they called it “Pro Training.” This is where only Professional MMA Fighters and BJJ Competitors come together to prepare themselves for their upcoming fights and competitions.

Training sessions aren’t easy but when they step inside the ring or on the mats their hard work shows.

Stay mentally focused and fully engaged is the key to success. They motivate each other in this individual sport resulting in a stronger team where each member can realize his dreams of becoming the next champion!

These warriors have different battles to win but they all agree on one thing: Great accomplishments don’t just happen; they are result of hard work and dedication.

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