Adults and Teens Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

The Vagner Rocha Martial Arts School offers the highest quality instruction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu available. Our program is led by owner and head instructor Vagner Rocha who is a a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, competitor and professional mixed martial artist. Our Head Instructor has a numerous amount of accomplishments as a competitor that only few in the world could be compared to his. He has competed in the top prestigious events that exist. Read More »

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

The Vagner Rocha Martial Arts Center offers a kids program for the “most effective self-defense” in the world !!! Not only will kids gain self confidence thru the lessons learned but also improved balance, coordination, and flexibility. The classes are taught in a group format lead by a certified  instructor. The classes help the child to gain the social development needed to cope with others as well as improved work habits to become successful in the future. Parents and guardians can be rest assured that their child is in a safe, nurturing environment to learn martial arts. They will be lead to have a positive attitude towards training and others and most importantly learn to respect themselves and others. Read More »

MMA Program

Vagner Rocha Martial Arts in Pembroke Pines, South Florida offers a complete MMA program to train and prepare MMA athletes. We are a marital arts school focused on BJJ for Mixed Martial Arts. The school’s owner and head instructor, Vagner Rocha, is an active MMA fighter with a record of wins on UFC, Strike Force, Bellator, among others. We offer No Gi classes with MMA intent, where we practice wrestling on the walls, wrestling in the center and submission wrestling. Also Strength & Conditioning classes and Boxing Classes are available. If your dream is to become a MMA fighter, you have found the right school. Vagner Rocha Martial Arts has placed several of his students & team mates in amateur and professional events. Read More »


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